White Paper: Nuance and Summit Health

Improve outcomes, productivity and patient care.


Summit Health and Nuance partner for a clinically-focused, closed-loop, best practice.

Presented during the CHIME14 Fall CIO Forum, this paper describes how Summit Health formed a symbiotic partnership with Nuance to standardize processes and eliminate variation, elevating implementation to best practice.

In this white paper, Summit Health and Nuance will:

  • Introduce a clinically-focused approach to CDI that leverages technology to deliver efficiencies, identify gaps in documentation accuracy, and improve both compliance and clinical integrity
  • Describe physician adoption and engagement opportunities made possible by integrating technology into the physician workflow
  • Illustrate how a holistic approach that combines CDI, innovative speech, computer-assisted coding (CAC) and quality software with physician education across both inpatient and outpatient settings produces significant operational, clinical and financial improvements
  • Delineate and discuss five critical steps comprising best practice for clinical documentation to minimize financial and productivity losses
  • Examine the importance of a symbiotic hospital/vendor partnership in:
    • Offsetting potential losses of $400,000
    • Correcting case mix over 15%
    • Improving coding productivity 35% and speed 17%
    • Implementing real-time ED report turn-around
    • Reducing radiology report turnaround time 42%
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