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Are You Ready for the Remind Me Generation?

85% of Americans who own a mobile device experience it: digital amnesia.

The habit of depending on technology more than their own memory is causing them to forget critical responsibilities and obligations.

Bills, appointments, product and prescription orders, and more. All are increasingly forgotten and the cost to business is becoming significant.

Wakefield Research surveyed 1,000 adults in the U.S. to understand how digital amnesia is impacting their behavior and changing their expectations of service. The research reveals the cost of this consumer condition and what businesses can do to offset the added expense.

See their findings in the new report “The Remind-Me Generation: How Digital Amnesia is Changing Consumer Behavior and Impacting Your Business.”

Among the insights revealed:

How 84% of consumers expect businesses to help them
The avoidable expense associated with digital amnesia
The digital channel 42% want you to use

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