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Collect More, Spend Less: An ROI Guide to Collecting Through Digital Channels

If your collections strategy is limited to predictive dialing, you could be wasting $4 to $7 on each contact — and it’s not just because people are hanging up or not answering. Predictive dialers alone fail big because 93% of consumers prefer alternative channels such as email and text.

By using more sophisticated, intelligent, and personalized digital contact strategies, you can dramatically lower costs and defaults and improve cure rates with a near immediate ROI. Download “Collect More, Spend Less: An ROI Guide to Collecting Through Digital Channels” to learn how:

Switching to an integrated voice, email, and text outbound collections solution saved a credit card servicer $2.8 million annually, required 37% less agents and increased payments by 19%
A major eastern utility company nearly tripled their pay rates — increasing collections by 188% (an extra $5.3 million to $6.6 million each month) by adding email payment reminders
90% of consumers are more likely to stick with businesses that send them proactive reminders such as due dates and account balances

Download the guide and gain access to our ROI calculator to quickly see how you can collect more and spend less with Nuance Proactive Engagement.

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