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Your patient’s story doesn’t have to be captured at your workstation. It can begin in the examination room, get amended in the cafeteria, and finished in the hall. No matter which device you use, every word is faithfully recorded and updated instantly in the EHR.

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Physicians spend more time with technology than with their patients. Whether you’re new to Dragon Medical, or have been using it for years, watch the short video to see how we’re redefining this relationship – and helping physicians get back to what really matters. Then register for immediate access to a Dragon Medical One demonstration.

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The world is your workstation

Single voice profile wherever you go A single voice profile means clinicians are up and running immediately across clinical workflows, care settings, devices, and apps. This seamless, consistent, and personalized voice experience across back-end, front-end, on-premise and cloud-based speech solutions lets clinicians easily work between desktops, mobile devices and new tools outside of the EHR.

Easy to use Meet, and even exceed, EHR adoption and satisfaction goals. Once installed, clinicians simply open the client app, place the cursor where they want speech-recognized text to appear, and start dictating directly into the EHR. Download the infographic Doctors on the move need tech that keeps up to see just how much time clinicians can save.

Designed with virtualization in mind Deploy through your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), as a virtual app, or install on any local workstation or laptop in just minutes without the need for complex configurations—and automatic updates mean less work for your IT staff and less hassle for your clinicians.

Our security is your security Your speech-related data is securely communicated over 256-bit encryption channels using TLS protocols into Epic®, Cerner®, eClinicalWorks, athenahealth®, MEDITECH®, GE®, McKesson® and dozens of other popular EHRs.

When not talking to Dragon, people talk about it

“Nuance speech-to-text technology untethers physicians from the desktop and allows doctors to speak their clinical note and post it to the EHR from a mobile app, using their time much more efficiently.”

Jeremy Bernstein
Chief Technology Officer
UC San Diego Health System

The best speech recognition in the world—in the cloud

Portable The Dragon Medical One desktop application provides secure, accurate, and portable, cloud-based clinical speech recognition across a wide range of Windows® devices.

Personalized Nuance Healthcare ID puts power in the clinician’s hand with the ability to personalize their experience and gain access to new features, products, and services as they emerge.

Access Users can access their personal voice profile in a growing catalog of mobile productivity apps—including secure communication, care coordination, clinical reference, telemedicine, population health, and more.

Insights Dragon Medical One comes with a secure online analytics portal to track clinician efficiency, productivity and workflows. Use it to help determine what is working and pinpoint areas of improvement for informed decision making.

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