New solutions for PowerScribe® 360: Here’s what the buzz is about.

Radiologists provide incredible value to the delivery of appropriate, quality care, and—ironically—that’s the problem. For years, they’ve been measured by sheer productivity. Now they must demonstrate how much the work they do improves patient, clinical and business outcomes.

Another irony? While radiologists provide great value, they could provide even more—throughout a patient’s lifetime—given tools that relieve their crushing workloads and bring them more prominently into the circle of care.

That’s where Nuance comes in, adding capabilities to PowerScribe 360, our industry-leading radiology reporting platform. Developed by Primordial Design, a leader in custom radiology solutions and now part of Nuance, these new PowerScribe tools are:

  • Lung Cancer Screening, an end-to-end workflow management solution that provides support from screening enrollment through clinical follow-up, helping radiologists manage the growing influx of screening exams.
  • Workflow Orchestration, a vendor-neutral, flexible radiology workflow platform that connects disparate systems, eliminates workflow inefficiencies and drives value and productivity through centralized, consolidated data to improve the creation of diagnostic reports.

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“We are excited to see one partner gaining capabilities to help radiologists automatically communicate effectively through the reporting tool, and fill gaps between all the systems and processes we work with.”

Tarik Alkasab, M.D., Ph.D.,
Massachusetts General Hospital

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